Welcome to the home of the St George Spearfishing & Freediving Club.

The St George Spearfishing and Freediving Club started back in 1956 and was one of the first spearfishing clubs in Australia. We always welcome new members and meet from 7pm on the 3rd Monday of every month at Royal Motor Yacht Club, Burraneer (also see MEETINGS).

The next meeting will be on the 17th of October.

We are running raffles for Rabitech spear gun and DiveR fins this year. Join the club and chip in to win now!

(some members have drinks/dinner earlier in the bistro from 6pm, all welcome)


Want to join the St George Spearfishing club?


Meet other divers, join in on the social dives, attend club meetings to learn how to make/repair gear, participate in the competitions or just learn how to catch fish and much more.

Pay via the AUF  website (Australian underwater Federation)  You will need to choose Senior or Junior (under 18yr).

Once payment is received you will then need to go to the Closed St George spearfishing club facebook page answer the questions and put in a request to join the page.

Social Dives & Club Trips:

Diving with St George Spearfishing Club is not all about competition diving. Many of our club members have joined for the social dives held monthly up and down the coast.

Here you get to dive with club members and learn new techniques from others. When you become a club member you will be sent a SMS with all social dive info & gain exclusive access to our members only Facebook Page.

As a St George spearfishing club member, you will be covered by insurance when diving with other club members.   

When & where are our club meetings?


We meet from 7pm on the 3rd Monday of every month at:

 Royal Motor Yacht Club

228-232 Wooloware Rd

Burraneer  NSW 2230

At our meetings we have a number of information seminars, guest speakers & 'how to' clinics.

All members are encouraged to participate and chat about their diving experiences.

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What are the competitions?


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules of all AUF run competitions in NSW:


St George Competitions:


There are now 2 separate comps within St George.


1.The Taylor Shield


2. FOTY  (Fish of the year - social)


The main comp is the Taylor Shield . This is a competition run on Sundays only once a month. Championship also run a few times a yr in various locations. There are Grade and Age sub categories within these comps. Our "Club Champion" comes from these scores.


Fish of the Year  (FOTY) is a more social comp. These perpetual trophies are awarded for the best fish in 15 different species. These fish can be caught anywhere in Australia, anytime in or out of competition. You must submit a photo of the fish on a set of digital scales to our sports secretary either by email or post to qualify.


Club Records


Club records gives all financial members a chance to go down in St George history with a record capture.


When submitting a record please ensure that ALL the criteria's are met or else your record WILL be rejected. Forms available on our closed club facebook page.


Once your record has been approved by the committee you will receive a official record certificate acknowledging your achievement and the records list will be updated.


The club holds a presentation each year with all family members encouraged to come where trophies are awarded to members.









P.O.Box 287

Caringbah NSW 1495